We are the leading website for the secondary ticket market. The prices of the tickets can be higher or lower than the nominal value.


FAQ entradasbarcelona
Are the tickets together?

Yes. www.entradasbarcelona.com guarantees that the entries will be correlated without leaving loose tickets, therefore for purchases of 2 or 3 tickets these will always be together. For orders of greater quantity, it will always be tried that the whole group go together or as close as possible. Some entrances separated by one or two seats are considered to sit together in the enclosure.

Will the tickets arrive on time? How long will it take to get there?

www.entradasbarcelona.com, company dedicated to the distribution of locations for sporting events has been operating since 2004 with an incidence rate in 2017 of 1% of deliveries, resolved effectively.

In 2017, 39,000 reservations were handled, a relevant fact that demonstrates our high volume of work and effectiveness.

Our experience is key to guarantee the customer that their order will be delivered within the indicated period.

If the sale is made the day before the event or the same day of the event, the tickets can only be delivered to a community address where the event is held (private address or hotel).

In case there is no delivery address in the community of the event, you must collect the tickets at our usual collection point (request information).

The delivery of your locations will be made through a fast messaging company associated with our company.

Tickets will be received within the term of the same day of the event 5 days prior, according to the delivery method selected at the time of purchase. There is the possibility that you receive the tickets on the day of the event (due to circumstances outside our company), but always, well in advance to attend it without any problem.

Is the price you put on the web the final price?

Yes. The management and distribution charges are included in the price shown on the website www.entradasbarcelona.com.
Only management expenses will be charged during the purchase process. These are:

- € 10 is charged to the total of the purchase in the form of expenses of management of the tickets.
- Free delivery to home or hotel.

If you choose a form of payment against reimbursement, you will have to pay an additional commission of 6% charged by the transport company.

Can you deliver them to me at the hotel?

Yes. Indicate in the delivery address the name and address of the hotel and they will be delivered at the reception of the same. This is the most recommended option for customers who buy from outside Spain to avoid having to pay shipping costs.

If I m left with the tickets at the hotel, is there any risk of being lost?

No. www.entradasbarcelona.com has the hotel sign a document that justifies the delivery. Therefore, in case of possible loss, the hotel is responsible for the replacement of the tickets.

Can you send me a purchase invoice?

Yes. Together with the confirmation email of your reservation, you receive the invoice for the purchase of the tickets.

Can I sell my tickets here?

Yes, if you access the top right button "Sell your tickets", you simply have to register and once we accept your registration, you can start uploading tickets for the available events, whose list will appear in the management panel once you login.

What forms of payment are there?

- Bank card (VISA, Mastercard, ...)
- PayPal
- Wire transfer
- Cash on delivery: additional 6% surcharge. maximum € 30

Do children pay?

Yes for the sporting events that we manage.

Can I know my exact location before making the purchase?

No. www.entradasbarcelona.com guarantees that the tickets you are going to receive will be in the area corresponding to the purchase, or failing that in a higher category zone without this implying a surcharge. In case you want specific locations within an area, indicate it in "Observations on the order" that will appear in Step 1 of the purchase process.

The card I m trying to pay with does not work. What I can do?

www.entradasbarcelona.com has four payment methods in its commerce.
If the Virtual TPV of Ibercaja rejects the transaction, make the payment through Paypal. If this second purchase option is also rejected, you can open a free account with Paypal or choose a bank transfer payment method.